Bats & Umbrellas

A track called Bats & Umbrellas from Smoke & Steel with a view overlooking the front lawn of West Dean College in Chichester, UK, where it was inspired.  I attended a guitar festival here several years ago and learned the estate’s former owner had been Edward James, patron to the Surrealist artists Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte.  There are many paintings of broken parasols throughout the house, for some reason.  I was staying at another house up a little way up the road so when I left the main house, I found out the hard way that I’d left my compact umbrella behind so I had to turn around and fetch it.   When I returned to front hall, I was grateful to see that someone hung it up on a hook on the wall.  When I reached for it, it flew away and joined another bat in swooping wide loops through the foyer.  The note stutter in the piece is bat echolation and you’ll also hear their swooping.

If you would like to purchase this track from the iTunes Store, it would be appreciated, thanks!