Notes of Note: Where Did the Vowels Go?


The Guitar  Where did the vowels go?

I replaced them in the title graphics with the following items:

1.  Fretboard of a Les Paul Gibson Standard.

2.  A Damp-it, a guitar humidifier.  It’s a piece of perforated green rubber tubing filled with a sponge that you soak and wring out very, very well until it is mildly damp…and then you insert it into the sound hole of a classical or acoustic guitar during dry winter months or in dry climates to protect a guitar from cracking.  What I used as a kid was a 35mm black film canister with several holes drilled around the side with a cut up piece of dampened dish sponge.  After capping the canister with its gray lid, I would insert that into the sound hole, supported between the bass and treble strings.

3.  This is a glass slide, cut from a wine bottle with polished edges.  When played over the fret strings, it creates a nice yowling glissando, Ry Cooder-ish twang.  Think Delta Blues.  John Hammond recommends using a Sears Craftsman 11/16-inch deep-well socket for a slide but I did not have one of those on hand for a graphic.

4.  A classical guitar headstock with tuning keys.


* * *