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Julia Crowe
Julia Crowe

Julia is the author of the book, My First Guitar:  Tales of True Love and Lost Chords from 70 Legendary Musicians.  She is a solo electric guitarist, film composer and artist who works in the mediums of painting, photography and animation.  Her music has been featured on National Public Radio and in the soundtrack for the feature film documentary, Drop City.  She is completing work on her forthcoming album, which is themed on her time in Istanbul.  For her full bio, please visit her website.

The My First Guitar book contains interviews with some of the world’s most extraordinary guitarists who divulge their early experiences of starting out on the guitar and joy of playing.  This site is an extension of the book, incorporating interviews with other interesting musicians and makers who delve into the practicalities of playing and offer their unique perspectives on how they incorporate art and music into their world.

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