My First Guitar

My First Guitar is featured in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s official library!


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“Ask a musician to talk about their first instrument and it seems they are off and running, full of anecdotes, joy, and poetic longing, describing those beat-up first guitars as if they were their first loves, which in many ways they undoubtedly were.” —Graham Parker, Singer/Songwriter

“This book is testament. It’s not just about the first guitars or the players themselves, really. It’s much more: the follow-up from that first chance meeting—that coming-of-age experience with music. This is life, told and celebrated through guitars.” —Premier Guitar

“Crowe captures what all of her interview subjects share: a love, sublime or offbeat, of the instruments that inspired them to make music.” —Publishers Weekly

“Anyone who loves guitars and guitar players (whether or not you’re a player yourself) will love looking through this book.” —American Songwriter

“The way My First Guitar is divided makes it a quick read, easy to refer back to for those certain favorites and easy to put down and start reading again no matter how much time has passed.” —The Weekender

“The book is a rich vein of practical information from which one may extract a huge surplus of musical inspiration.” —

“Overall, this book is entertaining, and for the fan of the instrument, creates a very poignant picture of the rise of the guitar in pop culture.” —San Francisco Book Review

“The first-person stories told here are as compelling for music fans as they are for non-guitar folk.” —Vancouver Sun


My First Guitar has just been released by Souvenir Press, Ltd. in London and is available online at The Book Depository,, and in bookstores throughout the U.K. and U.K. territories.


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Complete List of Guitarists Interviewed in My First Guitar:

Foreword by Andy Summers