Photos from Gary Lucas and Gods & Monsters’ 40th Anniversary Concert

This past Saturday, September 11th, Gary Lucas and Gods & Monsters performed a memorable 40th Anniversary Concert to at Poisson Rouge (in the former Village Gate location) with a variety of guest artists, which included Richard Dworkin on drums, Ernie Brooks on bass, guitarist Thurston Moore, singers Felice Rosser, Richard Barone and Emily Duff with Jerry Harrison and Jason Candler on keyboards. It was a perfectly beautiful evening, acknowledged to be the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 in the city, and it felt good to own that date with the band’s first reappearance since the beginning of the pandemic. With audience members both seated and standing, everyone showed proof of vaccination for entry.

Lucas launched the show with his “Rise Up to Be,” the scintillating guitar instrumental that serves as the foundation for his and Jeff Buckley’s song, “Grace.” Looming onscreen in the background was a fantastic retrospective slide show featuring various snapshots of Lucas with friends and the band’s career highlights mixed in with some psychedelic graphics and looping roller coaster footage that conveyed all the wild, rocked out twists and turns of the music. What follows is a small feast of photos from the evening in full color:

Gary Lucas solo…
Gary Lucas with Emily Duff, one of the early singers in Gods & Monsters.
Left to right (hidden) drummer Richard Dworkin, Gary Lucas, Ernie Brooks and Jerry Harrison.
Left to right: Richard Dworkin, Gary Lucas, guest singer Felice Rosser, Ernie Brooks and Jerry Harrison.
Left to right: Richard Dworkin on drums, Gary Lucas, guest singer Richard Barone, Ernie Brooks on bass, Jerry Harrison on keyboards.
Gary re-tuning…
Jason Candler on keyboards.
Left to right: Richard Dworkin on drums, Gary Lucas in the foreground, (hidden) Ernie Brooks, Thurston Moore, Jerry Harrison on keyboards.
A very blue Ernie Brooks & Jerry Harrison…with King Kong in the background.
Left to right: Richard Dworkin standing, Gary Lucas, Ernie Brooks, actor Willem Dafoe onscreen, a shadowy Thurston Moore and Jerry Harrison to the far right.
Encore! A fiery, rocked out rendition of “Lady of Shallot”
Sorry that I rotated my phone midway through and back again–I wasn’t sure which way the video would show up on Youtube. “Lady of Shallot” the encore…

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