Soundtrack for feature film documentary DROP CITY

Empire of Light - Julia Crowe
Empire of Light – Julia Crowe

Empire of Lightmy current CD, along with tracks from my first CD, Smoke & Steel, are featured as part of the sound track for the feature film documentary DROP CITY by Joan Grossman and Tom McCourt (7th Art).  I also wrote music specifically for several scenes within the film, which included additional sound effects, such as recording dropped bottle caps for a scene on how bottle caps were used instead of nails to affix insulation to the interior of the geodesic dome houses.

Drop City began on a rooftop in Lawrence, Kansas in 1962, where two young artists–Gene Bernofsky and Clark Richert–dropped art from their downtown loft onto the street below.  They were determined to make art as part of everyday life and live in a way that was free of hierarchy and rules.  In 1965, they bought 6 acres of land outside of Trinidad, Colorado and began building a community from scrounged/salvaged materials, including bottle caps, chopped cart tops and culled lumber.  They were inspired by Buckminster Fuller and their domes were based on experiments with geometric form.  Drop City became an icon of the counterculture for how it blended practices of art, architecture and resourceful living.

The film saw its sneak preview at the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art and has since screened at MoMA’s Art Dome in New York; The Barbican Cinema in London; The Bosch Film Festival in Amsterdam; The Experimenta Design Biennale in Lisbon, Portugal; The Architecture Film Festival in Rotterdam; the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo, Norway, The Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts in Chicago; The Seattle Design Festival; The Milton Keynes Gallery, UK and the Arc Cinema in Canberra, Australia, to name a few places.


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